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dollar-photo-club-join-adobe The Dollar Photo Club is closing in a few weeks, leaving a number of bloggers, web designers and business persons with one less stock photo site to get images from, click here to read. It is pretty challenging to find a Dollar Photo Club alternative due to the high standards it has set. Where else can you get a better offer than one dollar per image? Fortunately, we have an idea. Stock Photo Secrets opens 99 Club to the creative community, providing high quality images for as low as $0.99.

With the Dollar Photo Club closed on April 15, 2016, you need another stock photo website to be your primary image source. Now, there are a lot of choices in the Internet but not all of them caters to your creative needs and budget. You need a stock photo agency that provides the same experience for fairly the same price. No agency can offer that, except 99 Club. In fact, the stock site offers more. For a 99$ annual membership, you can get twice the number of image downloads.

99 Club Features Similar to Dollar Photo Club


99 Club and the Dollar Photo Club are similar in so many ways. They both offer professional quality images with the choice of small, medium and XXL sizes. They also offer exclusive, straightforward subscription rates with no additional fees down the road. They allow you to purchase additional images when you exceed the allowable number of downloads of your annual membership.

All their images include a royalty-free license and necessary model or property releases so you can use them commercially and non-commercially. Both stock photo websites are also search-friendly and easy to use. They have an easy to navigate website design. They also have clear terms and conditions that every creative user understands. Moreover, they both have an everlasting feature – meaning, your image downloads never expire.

99 Club does not only offer the features and benefits you love about the Dollar Photo Club, but a lot more. With the DPC, you get 99 high quality images for a $99 annual VIP membership. On the other hand, 99 Club offers 200 XXL premium quality images for the same price – double the amount of image downloads. The DPC allows you to purchase additional images for one dollar each, while 99 Club offers them for only $0.99 each. Moreover, Stock Photo Secrets’ stock photo site is here to stay. You do not have to worry about it closing anytime soon.

99 Club is the best Dollar Photo Club alternative out there. With a $99 annual membership, you get everything you love about the DPC, plus many more. In a word, it gives you the best value for your money. What are you waiting for? Sign up today. The website is only available for limited customers.